My Books

Children’s Fiction

Sir Gadabout – Sir Gadabout Gets WorseSir Gadabout & the Ghost – Sir Gadabout Does His Best – Sir Gadabout & the Little Horror – Sir Gadabout Goes Overboard – Sir Gadabout Goes Barking Mad – Sir Gadabout Goes to Knight School – Sir Gadabout Out of Time – Sir Gadabout & the Camelot Calamity

The Hangman

The Bell TowerSmuggler!Black DeathThe SwarmThe Lost CityThe Great Fire of London & The Lost Purse

Under the pseudonym Jo Macualey



The Ghosts of Blackbottle Rock


Children’s Non-Fiction

Sir John Franklin – Explorer

The Last DuelBeneath the Ice

Picture Books



Adult Non-Fiction

Deadly Winter – The Life of Sir John FranklinGratefull to Providence

Waterloo Voices

Waterloo Voices HB Jacket Cover_2.indd


The Gunpowder Plot Deceit    



Charles II & His Escape into Exile 



A Matter of Honour

Adult Fiction

Murder in Montague Place


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