More Midwinter Violins

Having received the message mentioned previously from the son of Sally Miall/Bickenell,  I came across yet more information about her so I thought I would neatly package it all in one new posting.

This is the message I received a couple of days ago: 

Dear Rambles… I would use your first name but I could not see it on your wordpress page. Sally was my mum, died 2010, lovely person and very bright. She had six books published in total, below, but they never did brilliantly. I hope someone writes about you too in the future! I am just finishing my first novel; lockdown miracle. Regards from Marcus Bicknell.

Books by Sally Miall previously Sally Bicknell née Sarah Greenaway Leith

The Midwinter Violins (1973)
The Summer of the Warehouse (1979)
Follow that Uncle! (1980)
Night & Day (2006)
Sheep May Safely Graze (2006)
The Beamish Boy (2007)


Sadly, these books are very hard to get hold of now. But the thing that prompted me to write about her again was that I found out more about her life – and it was fascinating. I discovered that there was a Wiki page  about her, and it reveals that as well as being an author, not only was Sally a (race-winning) rally driver, but a Bletchley Park code-breaker!


If you are reading this Marcus, by the way, I replied to your message – I hope you got it!

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