More Enlightening Amazon Reviews

It normally takes me a while to compile a list of indispensable reviews, but recently I was lucky enough to stumble upon a one-person reviewing phenomenon. It started with:

Arrived safely, but haven’t read it yet !! (5 stars)

Intrigued, I checked other reviews by the same person:

Ok for fun but too small (Aimerfeel Men’s sexy fashion G-string Purple, Red, Black, Pink Pouch Thong, 4 stars) Hmmm. As long as it’s okay for fun…

As my mouth gets very dry , this gel is great for keeping the moisture in my mouth (Biogenesis dry mouth gel, 5 stars)

Always use this cream on a daily basis to sooth my feet (Daktarin Dual Action Cream, 5 stars)

Love this spray as it’s easy to apply and feels great on your skin. Also you can control how much to put on (Nivea protect and Bronze spray 30, 5 stars)

Useful item if you have wax in your ears (Earex advances Wax removal, 4 stars).

Just about got all body parts covered there. Well, all the ones I want to hear about anyway. Onwards!

Got this DVD just before Christmas but won’t play it until next December. (André Rieu, 5 stars)

Arrived ok (book, 5 stars )

All ok but disappointed with the tracks (Darlene Love CD, 5 stars) so 5 stars for a disappointing CD arriving on time?

Arrived safely. Not read it yet!! (book, 5 stars )

Arrived ok. Haven’t watched it yet. (dvd, 5 stars )

Arrived ok, but not yet played until Easter. (5 stars)

have yet to read (3 stars)

Great bok. Truth is most defiantly stranger than fiction (4 stars)

There we have it, readers. I’ve decided to send this person a copy of my next bok, in the hope that they’ll give it a 5 star review before they read it at Christmas, or possibly Easter. I don’t mind which, frankly – I just need to make sure it arrives OK and/or safely, and those stars are in the bag as far as I can see.

As far as Amazon reviews go, the truth is most defiantly stranger than fiction!

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