Another One Bites the Dust

I’ve finally completed and sent off the manuscript of my next history book, and I’m now working with the editor on ironing out the creases. This is the second time I’ve had Carol Trow as my editor for a Pen & Sword Publishing book, and I’ve found it a pleasure to work with her because she always says very nice things about my writing (while at the same time telling me what’s wrong with it, of course!).

King Charles at the age of around 20, the year before the Battle of Worcester and his flight to the south coast in disguise.

I’m also working on finding pictures to go in the book, and that task is coming along nicely. A lot of people don’t realise that it’s common in non-fiction publishing for the author to be responsible for the costs (royalty fees etc) of any pictures, so for paupers like me it’s always a challenge to try to find sources of free pictures.

A little lateral thinking can help. I remember when I was writing the Franklin book referred to in my last posting there were several pictures owned by galleries that I wanted to use, but it would have cost hundreds. After some delving I came across as institution in Australia that had the same or similar images but which were copies painted by modern artists – and very cheap!

The working title of the book had been Charles on the Run, but I thought it sounded a little too much like a sitcom and I never intended using it. I eventually decided on Capture the King: Charles II and his Escape into Exile. I’m not sure when publication is scheduled for, but I’d guess the summer or autumn of this year.

Watch this space!


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