The Perils of Puss

Every few years I take my trusty Perpetual Almanack of Folklore down from the shelves to remind myself what wise words from the past it has for each day. I’ve been passing on some of its sage advice to my loyal followers every now and then this year, so on this, the last day of 2018, I though I would share one final gem with you before the book is put away again till another time.

This one is of special importance to cat owners, because your future health and well-being are at stake if you do not take heed of Edward Topsell’s warning in History of Four-footed Beasts (1607):

As this beast the Cat hath been familiarly nourished of many, so have they paid dear for their love, being requited with the loss of their health and sometimes of their life…

For it is most certain, that the breath and savour of Cats consume the radical humour and destroy the lungs, and therefore they which keep Cats with them in their beds have the Air corrupted, and fall into several Hecticks and Consumptions.

That aside, have a Happy New Year!



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