Exciting News!

I’m happy to be able to report two pieces of good news from among my writing friends in recent days.

First of all I received the latest instalment in the adventures of Beckett Bramble by Stephen Begg, who I interviewed on this blog a few months back.

It’s another time travel book and I suspect the author himself is stalking me historically, because his latest title, Becket Bramble & the Gunpowder Plot is based at the same time and on the same events as my forthcoming book The Gunpowder Plot Deceit. The only problem is, his is probably more exciting than mine.



Shortly after that popped through the letterbox, I heard from Ide Crawford, an extremely talented young writer of fiction and poetry who I feel, if there is any justice in the world (but I’m not sure there is in publishing…) will go far.


She has just won a major competition: The Betjeman Poetry Prize, for young poets. You can read her winning entry by following the link.




Well done to both!


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