Sneak Preview

In the immortal words of Kate Bush, It’s in the trees! It’s coming!

Yes, my next smash hit literary sensation will be out soon – this month if all goes according to plan. In the meantime I know there are those of you who will find the wait hard to cope with, so to help you through those dark days I am passing on this sneak preview of the cover.

Authors rarely get a say in these things (in fact, I didn’t with this one) but having had a few duds foisted on me in my time, I have to say I’m really pleased with it!

I’ve even been promoted from ‘Marty Beardsley’ to ‘Martyn R Beardsley’. I don’t usually use my middle name or initial (on books or in life in general – it’s a long enough name as it is without adding to it) but they took it upon themselves to add the R and I’m sure you will agree it makes me sound more intellectual and academic.

Quick – add it to your wishlist!


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2 Responses to Sneak Preview

  1. chloefb says:

    That looks fabulous!

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