Severe Weather Warning…

…combined with yet another daring wildlife rescue.

It all started this morning when I noticed a fly in Max’s water bowl. Being a water bowl half-full type of person, I used the end of a teaspoon to fish him out, carried out immediate mouth-to-mouth (okay, a slight exaggeration) and lo and behold, he began to move! I left him on the windowsill to catch the sun, and thought no more of it (I’m naturally modest in that way).  I went out, and when I returned home I spotted him – his wings had almost dried out, and he had taken up station on my Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady tea caddy. The important point here is that I sensed (I’ll call it no more than that) that he was trying to thank me – but in the form of a helpful warning. For the fly made a deliberate and calculated move towards ‘Ye who live in mountain peak’ – which, blog followers, is most definitely winter. He actually appeared to be pointing at it. To me this can only mean he is telling us that something BIG AND NASTY is on the way weather-wise, and that we all need to be prepared. My suggestion is that we head for the hills, or possibly somewhere warm like the Isle of Wight, and sit out the storm. My staff are organising a crowdfunding appeal to finance the trip as I speak, and I will keep you informed of its progress and any further fly-related messages.


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