Good Old Bart

An extra helping from my trusty Perpetual Almanack of Folklore this week.

St Bartholomew – possibly having his hair blow-dried

Today, it tells me, is Bartlemas, or the Feast of St Bartholomew, the patron saint of butchers, skinners, tanners, bookbinders and all leatherworkers (on account of the fact that he is supposed to have been martyred by being skinned alive).

The reason I decided to write about him is because St Bartholomew’s day is supposed to herald the first cooler autumn weather, and sure enough when I woke this morning I did notice the first draught of slightly chilly, autumnal air coming through my window.

The good news is that If Bartlemas day be fine and clear – which it certainly is where I am here in Nottingham – You may hope for a prosperous autumn this year.


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4 Responses to Good Old Bart

  1. chloefb says:

    It’s raining here…

  2. Ah… The other part of the rhyme is:
    If on Bartlemas there’s rain in Morton
    It means you’ve written something you really oughten

  3. I don’t know. The more I look at it the less sure I am whether ‘oughten’ signifies a good or a bad thing. The only thing I am sure of is that it isn’t actually a word at all…

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