I’m Giving Up Writing…

To become a wildlife rescue-type person. Or at least that’s how it’s beginning to feel.

I went outside early yesterday to practice tai chi, and I was just moving into Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane…

Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane

when I spotted what looked like a dead frog, lying motionless on its back on the floor. But then my highly tai chi-attuned senses spotted that there was the slightest sign of breathing. I abandoned my practice and picked it up, and was pleased to see that it was lethargic but very much alive. I took a bird bath down from its pedestal and put it in the cool water till I could decide what to do with it







Goodness knows he he got there. I know of no ponds, garden or otherwise, anywhere nearby. The nearest water is a little river about half a mile away, so I’m guessing he made the journey in the baking sun the collapsed. Anyway, the river is very shallow and in places has weed beds raised out of the water, so I decided it was the best pace for him. The spot I found was moist but not submerged and had lots of little insects flying about – froggy heaven!

Freddie (bottom of picture) in his new home

He didn’t thank me, but he looked pretty grateful and I’m hoping he will put something up on social media – possibly Frogbook – and I’ll get lots of likes and praise and people saying if you don’t share this it proves you’re an evil misery guts, and things like that.

Just in case you were wondering what Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane really looks like. Note that you should be looking ahead, not down for frogs.

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2 Responses to I’m Giving Up Writing…

  1. annedegruchy says:

    Lucky Freddie, especially that your tai chi was not up to scratch. Maybe you were ‘checking the horse’s hoof’ instead…

  2. Actually, Searching for Needles at Sea Bottom would be ideal – wanted to insert a picture but couldn’t find a way to do it in Comments!

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