Manners Maketh Man Part II

I don’t normally allow bad language on here – my blog seems to be one of the last such refuges on the internet, or in the world in general. (It seems that even if you love science there’s got to be an F in it somewhere.) I don’t swear myself, other than when I’m doing DIY (and then it flows freely and colourfully – but no one hears it so that’s all right). But in this case I’m prepared to make an exception because I’m fully in agreement with the sentiments expressed below

It was almost certainly written by a disgruntled Lord or Earl. In fact it bears all the hallmarks of my irascible friend Stanley, the 3rd Earl of Double Gloucester, who likes a brandy or two with his breakfast.

My friend the 3rd Earl of Double Gloucester getting pissed off about something after breakfast

Here at Beardsley Towers we look down on those who have been so indolent and feckless as not to have acquired their own manor, let alone become the Lord of it.


Beardsley Towers. It will look much better when the east wing is added early next year.


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