Wakey, Wakey!

Ever since a traumatic experience of being roused by a very loud, raucous, vibrating alarm clock when I had somehow repositioned myself during the night so that my head was leaning against it, I have gone for gentler methods of waking up.

I downloaded some lovely nature music to my phone so that I was woken by the sound of a babbling brook, gentle guitar music etc. When I changed phones I couldn’t find it, but I came upon something similar – birdsong. It’s been a pleasant way to wake up – until the spring and the start of the real dawn chorus.

The problem is, a little bird with a song just like the one on my phone has taken up station outside my window and he starts singing at 4am, regular as clockwork. I strongly suspect he is the actual bird they recorded for the audio clip, such is the similarity. And at 4am every morning I groggily reach for my phone and try to switch him off, so far with no success.

The song he sings is very nice – or at least it would be at any time other than 4 in the morning.

Anyway, I finally got to see him in the flesh yesterday. I was preparing my dinner (an oyster mushroom risotto –  delicious though I say it myself) when I spotted something hopping around outside. This is the little…the lovely creature I’ve been waking up to for a couple of bleary-eyed weeks or more:

I’ve identified him as a garden warbler. Not as exotic as I’d hoped for, but you would never think that something with such tiny lungs could produce such a loud sound. Now I’m going for a nap before I start work.

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