The Mysteries of Life

Despite all our advances in science and our accumulation of knowledge, there remain some enduring mysteries in life: what is dark matter and how come we can’t find it? Is there life on other planets? Why is it that when you try to put a USB stick in it’s always the wrong way round the first time, even when it’s the right way round?








And – the biggest mystery known to science – how is it that if you put clothes in the wash the right way round they come out inside out, but something thrown in inside out is never turned the right way round?

I’m launching a major international prize for the first person to solve this conundrum. I haven’t decided on the prize yet, but it might be one of my out-of-print books. I think I’ve got an ex-library copy hanging around somewhere. If that isn’t enough to galvanise the international scientific community, I don’t know what is.

Other useful things you can do with washing machines


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