It’s Here!

Raid your piggy bank!

Sell one of your kidneys to a dubious online source!

Or even both!

Yes folks, it’s time to subscribe to the latest edition of the children’s educational magazine Aquila. This month’s theme is ‘Safari’ and the literary world is buzzing about the article on Carl Linnaeus, but since it was written by someone not a million miles from this computer modesty forbids me from even mentioning it.

But anyway, although there is some other fairly reasonable stuff in there, my article on Linneaus (written by me) rather stands out from the crowd and describes his binomial system of naming things which is still in use today eg homo sapiens, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Ford Focus and so on. (I’m not entirely sure about that last one, but I’m sure if Linnaeus were alive today he would be happy to add it to his system.)

Today’s bonus interesting fact: as well as popularising the binomial system, Linnaeus was the first to recognise that the age of a tree could be calculated by counting the tree rings.


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2 Responses to It’s Here!

  1. chloefb says:

    Yes! As someone who loves science and words the binomial classification system gives me huge joy. Not even being sarcastic. My favourite is Kenyanthropus platyops. (You’ll have to imagine the italics)

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