Amazon Reviews

My international fan-base. I’ve found it’s best to do as they say.

There has been a groundswell of opinion among my international fan-base in favour of a new collection of helpful reviews reviews from Amazon. As you know, we authors treasure reviews from readers, especially ones complaining that the packaging was torn in one corner or the postman who delivered it was wearing trousers that didn’t quite match his jacket. So, in the spirit of encouraging further such boosts to our careers, I proudly present my latest collection:

Very good  (1 star)

This was purchased as a gift so I cant comment on its contents as havent read it but subject matter appears v.interesting (3 stars)

A great read (1 star) I wonder what kind of adjectives they reserve for 5 star books?)

Prompt delivery, but I have not Reagan it yet. (5 Stars) Perhaps you will enlighten us further once you have Reaganed it?



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2 Responses to Amazon Reviews

  1. chloefb says:

    I was buying a plant last night and was concerned that the only review it had was 2-star. The reviewer had given it 2 stars though because the gas man had trampled on it and killed it when visiting their neighbour… I don’t think people understand reviews!

  2. Outrageous! They should have given it at least 3 stars – the gas man might have only trampled on it accidentally.

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