I am a Writer!

For quite some time I’ve been so bogged down with my freelance work for the writer’s advice services I work for, and the non-fiction book I’m working on about the Gunpowder Plot, that it struck me that I no longer seem to think like a fiction writer the way I used to. When I was in full swing writing fiction, ideas for scenes, dialogue and even whole new stories would often come to me when I was out and about, especially walking my faithful hound Max. But with my mind on other things it felt like a long time since that had happened.

My faithful hound Max, off duty.

Well, I have a new children’s novel coming out (there will be a post about it very soon!) and when I was walking the old boy early the other morning when it was still dark I saw something that triggered an idea for a sequel – should the publishers be sensible enough to want one of course.

I’m currently spending a few days in the lovely, picturesque little town of Mere in Wiltshire, and at the back of the place where I’m staying is a steep hill that used to have a castle on it in ye olde days. My eye was drawn to little lights at the top of the hill. They began to move about and it looked pretty eerie and spooky. I eventually realised it was one or two adventurous dog walkers – but it had already set my imagination going: someone signalling…smuggling…on the run… etc etc.

The view from the top of Castle Hill in less spooky daytime

As a result, I already have several possibilities that excite me, involving relocating the next adventure from Cornwall to Mere.

Nice to know that I still think like a writer!




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