It’s in the Stars

The sun has just entered the house of Scorpio. Or something. I know this because I’ve been dipping into my wonderful old perpetual almanac of folklore and there was an interesting thing about that star sign taken from the Kalendar of Shepheardes published in 1604.

It begins The man born under Scorpio shall have good fortune. He shall be a great fornicator… I’m not sure whether the latter is supposed to be directly related to the former, but it also warns that He shall suffer pain in his privy members at fifteen years old… so perhaps Scorpios commenced their fornicating careers early in those days.

Women don’t fare so well. She shall suffer pain in her stomach and wounds in her shoulders, and ought to fear her latter days, which shall be doubtful by reason of venom.

I hasten to add that I’m a Virgo.


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