Disgusted of Amazon

I had something else lined up for today’s blog posting, but I’ve been quietly amassing more helpful Amazon reviews and one I came across today prompted me to take the controversial step of making a last minute change. It’s my favourite of the latest bunch:

“I have not purchased the item yet but it looks pretty average from what I can see – 3 stars”

Sorry haven’t read it yet (1 star). I was going to add a witty yet highly sarcastic comment (most unlike me…) but then I read What an absolutely inspiring and thorough book review, I take my hat off to you sir! and I knew I’d been beaten to the punch by the better man.

I am unable to give this five stars as I have not yet finished. However, from what I have read… (4 Stars).

I’m pretty good at the opening chapters of stories, so from now on I’m going to recommend that readers put in their reviews at the end of Chapter 3. (And sign a legally binding clause which means they can’t change it once they get to the end end and throw the book at the wall in disgust.)

Prompt delivery, but I have not Reagan it yet. 5 stars (Predictive txt strikes again, or  a Freudian slip? (It’s about Britain’s 1812 war with America.)

Not read yet but what I have discerned, just by leafing through, looks excellent. I am looking forward to reading this book. (5 stars). A book about psychic powers. (Not really.)




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