Amazon Reviews

It’s time for more helpful Amazon reviews. The ones in this latest short collection are all book reviews, and they do raise a more serious point, particularly from my point of view as an author. If you’re not a best selling author you are unlikely to get many reviews in the first place, so it only takes one or two numskull offerings which have nothing to do with the writing itself (like the ones below) to lower the overall rating and quite unfairly give the impression that a book isn’t very good. The first one is particularly ironic in from that point of view! (And as ever with these sometimes semi-literate offerings, I’ve left the spelling as it is.)

I haven’t started this book yet hence only on star. I bought it on the strength of the reviews so I’m looking forward to reading it soon (1 Star)

Can’t say as bought as a present for someone else (3 stars)

Described as in good condition but sruffy (2 Stars)

The Wind in the Willows should have been in Helvitica font, not Garamond – NO STARS, MR GRAHAME!



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