Save Our Libraries

As a child I loved escaping into the world of books and I quickly became a voracious reader. My parents weren’t big readers and we never had many books in the house, so my discovery of these amazing places called libraries was a magical moment for me, and I can even still remember the plots of some of the first books I took out. (I just wish I could remember the titles so I could try to track them down!)

But government cuts have meant that hundreds of libraries have closed over the last few years, and thousands of jobs have gone. The lovely little library in the place I was living last year was kept going half the time solely by unpaid volunteers. I know they had some sort of electronic counter to see how many people were coming through the doors, and I suspect others do too. So keep your local library open by going down there and running in and out a few dozen times! Take your friends! Set up a relay!




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