A Traveller in Time

Having just finished the above book and been so impressed with it, I thought I would share my Amazon review with you.

9780141361116“It’s very rare that I wish I could award a book more than five stars, but this is one of those occasions. I always thought Tom’s Midnight Garden was the best timeslip book, but this is neck-and-neck with it.

Not only is it a fascinating tale involving the true story of Anthony Babington and his plot to rescue Mary, Queen of Scots while she was being held in Derbyshire, but the writing is just wonderful – almost poetic at times – while managing to still be a page-turner.

This is definitely not just for children. I would recommend it to any adult who, like me, is somehow managed to miss out on it when they were younger. It’s not just one of the best children’s novels I’ve ever read, but one of the best novels for any age group I’ve ever read.”

Many of the incidents in this book are based on my dreams, for in sleep I went through secret hidden doorways in the house wall and found myself in another century. Four Alison_Uttleytimes I stepped through the door and wandered in rooms which had no existence, a dream within a dream, and I talked with people who lived alongside but out of time, moving through a life parallel to my own existence. In my dreams past and present were co-existent, and I lived in the past with a knowledge of the future. I travelled into that secondary dreamworld, seeing all things as if brightly illuminated, walking in fields and woods dazzling in their clarity of atmosphere…

Alison Uttley

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