In my ongoing quest to provide users with the most useful Amazon reviews, I turn my attention to the wonderful world of kettlebells. There is a painful background to this latest feature, which I will share with my hordes of followers.

I try to exercise regularly, and one of my favourite ways in recent years has been kettlebell routines. For the uninitiated, a kettlebell is a weight with a handle on it that you swing around in various ways. Just a twenty minute routine can be quite exhausting, and being someone with a short attention span and a low boredom threshold, this really appeals to me.

But being someone who is too mean and broke to fork out for a proper kettlebell, I have always made do with one of my dumbbells. The drawbacks of using dumbbells for kettlebell exercises are: 1) dumbbells don’t have handles; 2)

The paparazzi captured my broken nose being examined by  a doctor

The paparazzi captured my broken nose being examined by a doctor

Dumbbells do have iron bars that stick out at either end; 3) There is the possibility with certain routines that you will smash yourself in the face with the end of the iron bar at some point.

After experiencing point 3 above in a most eye-watering manner, I decided I needed to finally dust off my bank card and look for a a real kettlebell. As ever, Amazon came to the rescue:


Item: Kettlebells of various weights

Customer question: How heavy is the 12 kg kettlebell?

Don’t quote me on it but I’m edging toward 12kg…

Will you be using this with or without the aid of gravity?

Question: I don’t like the shrill beep my current kettle makes when it has boiled, does this bell make a pleasant ring sound?

Oooh yes, indeed! It has a built in music jukebox too that does Ellie Goulding during Swings and Rita Ora during Snatches 😉

Mine makes a very pleasant, deeper key, almost a reverberating “klonk”.

Please tell me you’re joking

Seeing as it is exercise/weight related, sadly the only thing that would boil is your blood if dropped on your foot

A final note of warning to potential kettlebell users – for health and safety reasons it’s vital to leave your shoes and socks on when exercising, as I demonstrate here with my new set:



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