If it walks like a duck

At the recent annual convention of all my blog followers, I was besieged by requests to add another posting about the origins of words and sayings.

The Recent Annual Convention of all my Blog Followers

The Recent Annual Convention of all my Blog Followers









I got this one from a recent TV programme. The Dutch had a word for sellers of salves or ointments, presumably with derogatory connotations: Quacksalver. That word itself partly derives from Quacken, to boast or brag. This combination of words was in time picked up by the English, shortened and used to refer to a dubious medical practitioner – a Quack.


A Dubious Medical Practitioner



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2 Responses to If it walks like a duck

  1. Amanda says:

    I am so sorry I would have been at your BlogCon but several things came up I lost my ticket in the 32″ of snow we had and then there was the problem of getting to the airport, etc. but I promise to be at your next BlogCon but I am hoping you’ll have celebrities there like a Samuel Pepys presenter or Anglo Saxon reenactors you know like they did here in America with Lincoln at Lincolnpalooza. Looking forward to details of the next BlogCon.

  2. I did try for Samuel Pepys himself but he offered up some excuse about being dead for 312 years, which to me it just shows a certain lack of commitment to the cause. But 32 inches of snow – and I’m guessing that like everything else in America your inches are bigger than ours – I can just about accept, and I’ll try to get you seat near the front next year.

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