Dealing With Terrorists

Not the normal subject matter of this blog, but I spotted a letter in my paper today that inspired me to fire off an instant reply, which I reproduce for you below:

I whole heartedly agree with Tony Chapman’s point that our security forces should shoot to maim when faced with a life-or-death terrorist situation. In fact, since he is the only sane voice in this debate, I suggest he should be armed and allowed to take point when the next attack occurs, and I’m happy to give him the benefit of my expert advice. (I’m not exactly militarily trained, but I have seen all the Rambo films at least twice.)

When taking careful aim as the enemy open fire, obviously, head and torso are out. The upper limbs contain major arteries which could result in fatal blood loss if damaged, so cross them off. My advice is to go for the wrists or ankles – but only one shot, mind, to be on the safe side. While you are waiting to see what effect this has, the terrorists may by now have emptied a magazine or two in your general direction and be arming their explosive vests – but keep your nerve! Now is the time to aim for the funny bone. It might not ‘maim’ as such (a nasty term anyway), but it will certainly bring tears to their eyes. Just imagine those terrorists hopping about and crying ‘D’oh!’ while you slip the cuffs on – you’ll be a national – nay international – hero!


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