Spot the Deliberate Mistake

It’s quiz time boys and girls! I came across the setence below in a football magazine – what’s wrong with it? Turn your computer screen upside down to read the answer at the bottom. Thinking about it, that might cause some problems so I’ll write it the right way up – but don’t peep.

John will always be seen on his days off at Barnet, Watford, Luton or MK Dons, his local clubs. But it is the former where his real affection lies…

Yes, you got it. When you use the the terms the latter and the former it should refer to a choice between two things, not a list of things.

At least that was correct the last time I checked. It’s a common mistake, and these days that’s normally enough to achieve ‘correct’ status and earn it a place in the dictionary, so things might have changed even by the time this goes online…

(I couldn’t think of a picture to go with this, so here’s one of my old dog Max emerging from a state akin to hibernation. He hasn’t graced this blog for a while, but since I get most of my good writing ideas while out walking him he deserves his place in the limelight.)


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