Be on the Alert

I always thought my old home town of Nottingham’s reputation as a high crime area was unjust. Like many cities it has its dodgy areas but for the most part I thought it was a great place to live –

That was until I saw this in the Nottingham Post:

FreshPaint-1-2015.08.14-08.05.25If you see this rake anywhere, don’t attempt to retrieve it since it has sharp pointy things on the end. Instead, call the police and you will be put through to their specialist Rake Crimes Unit and they will take over.

As you can see, the occupants are concerned that someone had been into their garden when the rake was stolen. I believe this is a strong possibility, although it could have been taken without entering the garden by the ingenious use of a fishing rod, or possibly even some sort of teleportation device.

Please note that this is not an image of the actual rake.

The owners made the old mistake of not photographing their valuable property in case of this very type of occurrence, and I’m sure they’re deeply regretting their oversight now. The stolen item has almost certainly, though, got a long handle and sharp pointy things on the end.

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