Ninety-Three Years Ago Today…

…Well, not exactly to the day. But ninety-three years ago Patrick Macnee was born, and his death as been announced today.

I had only just managed to get hold of and read his autobiography a few weeks ago, and after reading of his childhood it’s amazing that he managed to grow up anything like sane. But it’s clear that he was well liked and that he was a gentleman – in the days when that was considered a compliment and something to aspire to. By coincidence, Christopher Lee, who is mentioned in his book and who was an old friend of Patrick’s and about the same age, died just a few days ago. Maybe he needed some company.


Patrick Macnee was one of my favourite actors, and, like millions of other people, The Avengers, in which he played John Steed, remains one of my favourite ever TV programmes.

All fans of the show will know what I mean when I say I think that someone somewhere has said, ‘You’re needed, Mr Steed!’


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