It’s Here!

My new Waterloo book! In all good bookshops! And even some bad ones!

Waterloo Voices HB Jacket Cover_2.indd

Released in time for the 200th anniversary of the battle, you can follow the story through the words of those who were around at the time. From the moment the news of Napoleon’s escape from Elba reached London to the poignant reflections of soldiers long after the battle. And it’s not just soldiers.

You can read the account of fourteen-year-old John Smart of Brixham on his village hearing that Boney was on the march again. And he tells of how, after the battle, he sailed with school friends in a little boat around the warship Bellerophon newly anchored off Brixham. He was kept at bay by marines, but a sailor below decks threw a bottle out of a gun port containing a note announcing they had Napoleon on board.

And the stories are not even just by men. Read the first-hand accounts of people like Magdalene de Lancey, part of whose account of tending to her dying husband I’ve featured in this blog. And there’s Charlotte Eaton, who was staying in Brussels as troops began to converge on the area, who witnessed the rumours and panic and heard the first boom of the cannon, and who witnessed the carnage on the battlefield after the last shots had been fired.

Available in hardback and ebook versions:

Waterloo Voices


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