If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to raise my blood pressure – actually there are lots of them, but you’ve got to start somewhere – it’s jargon. Especially when it’s either completely meaningless or superfluous.

One of the fashionable phrases at the moment is Going forward tacked onto the end of a sentence. I received a brief email today – just three short paragraphs – in which it was used twice:

he will be your point of contact going forward


I hope you have a fruitful relationship going forward

Now, it would be nice to have a point of contact or a fruitful relationship going backward, because perhaps then you could go back and correct stupid things you said or did in the past. Not that I ever do such things – but possibly some of you will recognise this. But on the off-chance that such a facility isn’t possible, what possible purpose does going forward serve? I’ve yet to come across an instance where it is necessary, other than to make someone sound vaguely efficient and impressive as long as you don’t think about what they’re actually saying too closely.


"This will be your means of equine quadrapedal transportation going backwards."

“This will be your means of equine quadrapedal transportation going backwards.”





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