Get Milking!

Better late than never, my latest guide to the origins of the months. We are now half way through Thrimilcemonath. That’s the phonetic rendering. The Anglo-Saxons used a rune-like symbol that’s fallen out of use to represent ‘Th’ sounds: Ðrimilcemonað.

It’s not as weird as it looks. The Ðri/Thri component represents ‘three’, milce is milk or milking, and monað, with again the rune-like symbol known as ‘thorn’ representing the ‘th’ sound at the end of ‘month’.

Ðrimilcemonað was the month of three milkings, when the cattle were milked three times a day.

I couldn’t find an image of an Anglo-Saxon thrice-milking, but here’s an image for May apparently showing them weeding, which at this time of the year must have kept them occupied just as much as milking:



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