Catching Up

I’ve always been fascinated by the Anglo-Saxons – their language, culture etc, and I had a plan to run a regular item this year looking at their names for the months. As it happened I’ve been too busy, but I’ve decided it’s not too late so I’m going to start here 1CottonTiberiusJanuarywith January then do February before the end of the month. The first month of the year is a bit complicated, so bear with me. It was known as Guili or Geola – I’m going to stick with Guili for simplicity’s sake. It’s where we get the word yule from. The original meaning has been lost, but it may refer to the winter solstice. However, this name was also given to  the last month of the year, so January is also referred to as Aefterra Guili, meaning it’s the after, or following yule. The picture comes from an illustrated Anglo-Saxon calendar and shows the land being ploughed – exactly as I’ve recently seen the modern farmer doing (albeit with his tractor) in the fields round here.


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