I’ve just rhorses-feb15ueceived my copy of February’s Aquila children’s magazine, having contributed an article. They have a theme for each issue, and this month it’s the horse. Now, I love horses and one of my ambitions has always been to learn to ride, but I’m not quite a world authority on the beasts. But firstly if you want to make money from writing you have to be an opportunist (assuming your not a best seller!); secondly, it fitted in with a related long-standing interest of mine – American Indians. Even though I read it some time back now, one particular book was still pretty fresh in my mind when I got the list of forthcoming themes last year and saw the ‘horse’ one. Empire of the Summer Moon by S C Gwynne is one 51M2Q6nfcjL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_of the best non-fiction books I’ve ever read. It’s the powerful and fascinating story of the Comanche nation, along with with the story of white captive Cynthia Parker and the son she bore, Quanah, who went on to become the last chief of the Comanche. The Comanche were the supreme Plains warriors, feared even by other Indian tribes. Did you know they really could fire off arrows while hanging underneath their horses on the move?! Or that they are only one of two tribes (the other being the Kiowa) who fought from horseback? The rest used horses to meet the enemy, but fought on foot – so when you see a film depicting mounted Apache circling the wagon train and shooting, you know they’ve got it wrong!


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