An alert to my British followers when they are next out food shopping, in the form of my complaint to Tesco sent off today:

Yesterday I bought a “Tesco Chunky Bubble & Squeak” from your store in Beeston, Nottingham and was very disappointed to find that it was nothing of the sort!

There was certainly nothing chunky about it whatsoever, and in my opinion it isn’t even bubble and squeak. It is in fact a huge dollop of mashed potato with trace elements of cabbage that CSI would be hard pushed to find and identify. There may have been some bits of onion in there too, but I couldn’t say for sure that I found any. The mashed potato itself was nice and creamy (unlike in real bubble & squeak) but perhaps you should provide a magnifying glass with each packet so that purchasers can ascertain whether other ingredients are present!

Real bubble & squeak

Real bubble & squeak







An artist’s impression of Tesco bubble & squeak. (I’m afraid the resolution isn’t high enough to show any other ingredients.)



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