Bird Brain Super Eagle

What better title for a children’s novel??!!

I’m very pleased to introduced to my worldwide audience of millions a new book by Karen Prentice, who I came into contact with through my freelance work for The Literary Consultancy. I was immediately struck by the confident writing style and quirky humour, which I thought would appeal to a young audience. Karen is originally from Scotland but now lives on the Dorset coast (a fact I find strangely annoying as I sit here in my dull, inland semi-detached, I have to say). Perhaps one reason why the book is so good is that although children’s novels are a new direction, Karen isn’t new to writing. She’s worked for BBC radio, studied journalism and written for magazines, and all sorts of other stuff.

Since it first landed on my desk it’s been through quite a few changes (including titles!) getting better every time. And now here it is: Bird Brain Super Eagle, featuring Zac, a boy who sprouts wings – as you do – and gets into all sorts of adventures and scrapes with his feisty friend Kate. It’s funny and fast-paced, and I can only repeat the warning given on the cover: contains scenes of evil laughter and extreme peril.










Karen is currently working on a Young Adult novel – which I have high hopes for!

You can read more about her here:

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2 Responses to Bird Brain Super Eagle

  1. chloefb says:

    That is a great title. Well done to Karen for getting it published!

  2. Thanks Chloe. How’s your new one coming along? Is motherhood still winning out over writing?!

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