Work Update

The Waterloo manuscript was completed in time (just!) and I now await with trepidation the verdict of the publishers.

A children’s thriller I wrote some time ago but had no success with and then rewrote as more of a ghost story, is being sent back out to agents. It is set in my beloved Polruan and was inspired by seeing a man acting in a furtive and creepy manner. Even though I later came to know that he was a perfectly upstanding and popular member of the community, for the needs of my story I decided he was a child kidnapper! That didn’t work, so now he’s trying to conceal a dark family secret that’s led to a restless ghost haunting the village.

I began work on an adult thriller last year but got stuck. I still think the idea could work and I’ve been trying to revive it, but because of my freelance work for the writers’ advisory services I keep having to put it to one side for days at a time, which isn’t ideal. I might have to set aside a week or so and try to concentrate solely on that to get the momentum going again. It doesn’t help that it’s a fiendishly complicated plot!)

And in between all this I’m contributing regularly to Aquila children’s magazine. The next article I’ve got lined up is about unusual uses of mushrooms. They’ve obviously heard about my reputation as a world authority on fungi-related matters.




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