Yesterday, I cam across this nugget of valuable advice on the care of teeth, which was published in The Cottager’s Monthly Visitor of 1826 (and reproduced in Lost Lore by Una McGovern & Paul Jenner):

Healthy teeth depend mainly on a healthy digestion, and on cleanly habits as regarding the teeth. They must, of course, be confined to the purposes for which they are designed. If they are employed for the purpose of cracking nuts, biting thread, unscrewing needle-cases, or turning the stopper of a smelling-bottle; if the mouth is used as a kind of portable tool-chest, in which a pair of scissors, a knife, a vice, a corkscrew, or any other instrument may be found at the time of need, then serious and irretrievable injury will eventually be done to the enamel of the teeth, which no healthiness of digestion nor cleanliness will avail to remedy.

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