Being someone with a short attention span and low boredom threshold, I’ve always been enjoyed Japanese haiku, with their Zen-like cryptic, enigmatic style.

I acquired a new book of haiku recently and a couple of entries immediately caught my eye.

The first is by Issa, perhaps my favourite haiku writer because of his humour, and neatly reflects my philosophy on domestic chores:

Don’t worry spiders,

I keep house


Issa - self-caricature "Even considered in the favourable light He looks cold"

Issa – self-caricature
“Even considered in the most favourable light
He looks cold”


















The second isn’t actually a haiku but some advice on poetry by Basho, perhaps the most famous haiku poet. It does have a sort of pithy haiku style – and it admirably encapsulates the kind of advice I often give out when critiquing manuscripts:

Is there any good in saying everything?


069 Ogawa haritsu



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