…is Green Bin day.








Or is it?

Monday was a Bank Holiday, and this throws the bin-putting-out world into a state of confusion and panic. My neighbours clearly think today is Green Bin day, but I’m not so sure – hence the empty space on my side of the fence. The local council provides a leaflet on how to handle such a crisis, and here is their explanation, verbatim:

Bank Holidays will be a roll forward as previously. Monday becomes Tuesday etc. Saturday garden waste collections will be on the Monday following the Saturday. Good Friday stays the same.

But what was ‘previously’? What is the ‘Monday following the Saturday’? How do I know whether a Monday is following a Saturday or preceding one – since all Mondays perform both roles as far as I can make out. And Good Friday stays the same as what? Good Friday has always been the same, even before the invention of Green Bins, hasn’t it?

I am trying to remain calm, while keeping an eye and an ear out for refuse collection-related developments in the street below.



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4 Responses to Today…

  1. chloefb says:

    How I have missed your bin updates. We had a bintastrophe here too as we didn’t receive our new schedule for bin collection and the old one ran out at the end of March. Then the nieghbours asked us to put their bins out for them while they were away and… Oh, Martyn it was TRAUMATIC.

  2. Don’t weaken, Chloe. I’m just finishing off my Waterloo book and reading about men charging the enemy even after having had an arm chopped off. With that sort of spirit, we can get through this.

    • chloefb says:

      In years to come people will go into battle talking about the bravery of the ordinary man tackling bin collection day.

  3. And today is St George’s Day…..I’m going all misty eyed…..

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