History is history

Just what have they been teaching children in recent years? This is a conversation I had with perfectly intelligent young man yesterday:

“What are you writing at the moment?”

“A book about the Battle of Waterloo”

“Ah – that’s the one with Nelson, isn’t it?”

“Err, no – that was Trafalgar. At sea.”

“Trafalgar – Sir Francis Drake and all that!”

“Well no, he was a few centuries before.”

“Oh yes, the Spanish Armada. That was to get Drake because he was a pirate and they got fed up with him.”

“Actually, it was an invasion fleet – a Catholic/Protestant thing… But apart from all that you were pretty much on the button.”

I’ve decided my next book will be about how General Custer thwarted Caesar’s attempted overthrow of the Mongol Empire during a desperate tank battle off the coast of Australia.


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