Progress Report

  • The Children’s ghost story that was doing the rounds in my last report is still doing the rounds. However, there has been an interesting little development. One of the agents I sent it out to turned out to be a former editor who I had worked with on a couple of my Sir Gadabout books. We once had a very pleasant lunch together in Oxford – so I’m sure she’ll take me on on that basis alone…


  • I followed up the Florence Nightingale article for Aquila, ththe children’s magazine, with one about Marry Anning of Lyme Regis, the fossil hunter who played a big role in revolutionising our view of dinosaurs.



  • I’ve had an article published in a newish magazine called All About History, managing All-About-History-Magazineto squeeze out a bit more publicity for A Matter of Honour. I wrote a piece about the duel between Hawkey and Seton, and it is in the latest issue. (Sadly, it doesn’t get a mention on the cover, though!)



  • I haven’t got any freelance work at the moment, which means I’m able to focus mostly on my book about the Battle of Waterloo, whose April deadline is getting scarily close. I think I’ve collected enough material for the main body of the text, and I’m currently trying to compile mini biographies on as many of the named soldiers as I can – the kind of research I love doing!

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2 Responses to Progress Report

  1. chloefb says:

    Check you out. That level of productivity is just showing off. It’s taken me several weeks to finish one draft of a short story that is due on Friday…

  2. But I rush things – I’m sure you end up with better quality work!

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