One of the last posts of AD/CE 2013…

I was going to do a posting about Heisneberg’s Uncertainty Principle, but now I’m not so sure…

Instead, I think I’ll do one about political correctness in writing.

I recently been having an argument – sorry, debate – with a friend of mine about political correctness. By pure chance, I came across an example from a book on grammar.


Don’t get me going!

In a section on appending BC or AD to a year (remember – AD comes before the year, BC comes after) there is a note on the modern alternatives of BCE and CE (Before Common Era & Common Era). Both systems are based quite specifically on the birth of Christ, but one conveniently fudges the issue by not mentioning him – perhaps in the hope that we’ll all eventually forget the embarrassing historical origins of why our dating system works as it does.

I could understand dropping AD and BC if we changed the numbering of the years altogether so that there was some other starting point, but otherwise, if anyone can successfully explain to me the logic behind keeping the same dating system but euphemistically using BCE/CE, I’ll award them ten points!

Oh…it’s Christmas (sorry, Winterval/Mid-Winter Festival/That Time of the Year When We Put Trees Up and Give Gifts Which Has Nothing to do With a Certain Religion) – make it twenty!


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2 Responses to One of the last posts of AD/CE 2013…

  1. Your Editor/Researcher on all things American says:

    My dear dear Professor and Soccer Coach can you imagine the mess that would be caused in changing the starting date now? All the books out there would now be wrong and a reader would have to recalculate the dates in their head or on a computer as they read along. Think of all the official documents, historical documents, and all those tombstones out there! I know its hard enough to juggle the old Russian form of calendar and the Islamic calendar you’d simply be adding more hardship into an already crazy world. Where would you put the starting point for CE? What historical figure, fact, war, birth, death would you use? As much as it might sound like a great idea after 2013 years I think its a bit late to rock the boat. Are you spending too much time thinking again? You know what the doctor told you about take Max and go for a walk and try and think about what Santa will bring you.

  2. Oh, you spoilsport. I was planning to start a campaign to make 1836 the new Year 1 (when man acquired dynamite) in honour of Alfred Nobel. Thus this year would be the year MAD177, and so on.

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