Progress Report

Hot off the press, the latest on the four projects I’ve been juggling with:

  • Sadly, four has become three. I wasn’t selected to write the children’s adventure stories set in the twenties for Hothouse. As I’ve matured as a writer I’ve learned to take rejection tongue-18123dispassionately and professionally. If the idiots want to miss out on a best-seller,  I’ll blow a raspberry in their general direction once I’ve repaired my wrecked writing room.


  • The children’s ghost story has been sent out into the big, bad world. Ghost-002Don’t hold your breaths, readers – it’s bad for you unless performed under the supervision of a qualified Yoga instructor



  • Literally seconds before writing this I finished my article on Florence Nightingale for NPG x82368; Florence Nightingale by Henry Hering, copied by  Elliott & FryAquila, the children’s magazine. Flo has gone up in my estimation. I had an image of her as a determined but strict and dour woman, but that’s not what I uncovered. She certainly insisted on professional standards, but she was also witty and imaginative.  As well as saving hundreds if not thousands of lives, Flo virtually invented modern, professional nursing. At a time when genteel women were supposed to get married and stay at home in general life, let alone the much more rigid and macho military world, it would be hard to over-estimate her achievements.
  • Poor old Waterloo has had to take a back seat again. I article-1027589-03D849400000044D-282_468x286have taken the relevant first-hand accounts from a couple of e-books, but in the coming weeks I want start getting it into shape. I’ve been concentrating on collecting eye-witness accounts, but lately I’ve started to research the battle itself, disposition of armies etc so I can put it all into perspective. I’m enjoying it, and looking forward to really getting stuck into it soon.

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