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In the Sunday Times TV guide supplement they print readers’ gripes and praise regarding different programmes. Both they and I have faithfully preserved the original format, punctuation etc. of this one they mischievously sneaked yesterday.  (Apologies to overseas readers – the references to shows and celebrities probably won’t mean anything to you.)

No reason for you to print this you have never printed anything else sent.however good to see the stand ins for o grady ,like cilla black he is so false,all this proud to come from liverpool,utter rubbish.get him off.

I was so impressed I had to send in my own e-mail:

I,m writing to complain that you have been keeping John Cannell’s letters from us all these years it.s a great shame.his contribution was great and actually had me in tears,and to make up for it i think you should print one every week.better than all that other rubbish you print.get him back!

I can only hope they have the good sense to print my offering!



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