Good Dog!

The old boy hasn’t been well of late, which at his age is always a bit worrying. However, he’s rallied and is just about back to normal other than a strangely human-like cough and cold.

I took him out for his morning walk, and not for the first time, as I was mulling over the children’s novel I’m writing I came up with quite a bit of material that I had to quickly scribble before I forgot it down as soon as we got back

One idea led to another, and I actually mapped out most of rest of book: including snatches of specific dialogue, a way of overcoming a weak spot in plot hadn’t even noticed, and even a bit of a twist.

Well done, Max!


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2 Responses to Good Dog!

  1. chloefb says:

    Nice to meet Max on your blog at last!

  2. I’ve been negotiating an image rights fee with his agent for some months.

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