Rolling Out

I’m rolling out this posting on my blog while watching a BBC News programme where they’ve already used the phrase “roll out” three times in the space of a few minutes regarding a new government benefits rule.

I first came across the phrase towards the end of my time in the civil service. I realised the old guard was being replaced by young eager beavers who all seemed to speak in a new language that was largely composed of jargon that made very simple things sound impressive. They flagged things up, formed focus groups, and went on courses to teach them to be more diverse in their outlooks. They delighted in dreaming up silly schemes and projects that invariably made things worse, but which had such impressive-sounding titles that everyone thought they must be really clever and visionary.

And they “rolled them out”, which is obviously much more momentous and far-reaching than merely starting something. They got promoted much faster and younger than the old guard, who only boringly kept things running efficiently and answered phone calls from the public, rather than rolling out the idea of a recorded message which said: “We appreciate your call so much we’d like you to listen to some crappy lift music for twenty minutes, after which we’ll lead you through a lengthy list of baffling menus and sub-menus, none of which will be quite appropriate to your particular enquiry. Have a nice day!”

Thanks to some brilliant blue sky thinking, our major public and private institutions are now run by the roll-out generation. Which of course is why we’re on the crest of a high-end economic wave with some exciting left-field qualities that prioritise a going forward situation for all us stakeholders. I’ll touch base with you on this trending issue soon.



















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