F Scott Fitzgerald

Regular readers will know that I’ve always had a very high regard for the writer Scott Fitzgerald, and in particularly F-Scott-Fitzgerald-001 his novel The Great Gatsby. For me, Fitzgerald is the greatest ‘literary’ writer I’ve ever read, the greatest craftsman of the art of novel-writing; and the aforementioned novel (I believe another film version is about to be released) is the greatest literary novel. But I’ve also always been fascinated by him because of the interesting story of his life, which reads as well as any novel: his sometimes uneasy friendship with Hemingway, for example, and also his relationship with Zelda. She was no PhotoofZeldaless fascinating than either Fitzgerald or Hemingway. She was charismatic and sometimes outrageous – though sadly, some of her daringly bohemian and occasionally shocking behaviour eventually proved to be early signs of a tragic and painful descent into mental illness.

What prompts me to post now is that I’ve just discovered that personal ledger of Fitzgerald has been put online. The site features scanned pages of the document itself in his own handwriting – not always easy to read, and reassuring that he was an even worse speller than me! But still an interesting archive. Some pages feature his accounts, showing how his income from writing steadily rose. But there is also personal stuff in there too.


I strongly recommend anyone interested not only in Fitzgerald, but writing in general to get over to  http://library.sc.edu/digital/collections/fitzledger.html

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2 Responses to F Scott Fitzgerald

  1. chloefb says:

    I was going to post about this today! You’ve saved me the bother. I have to read The Great Gatsby again. I read it when I was abotu 16 and didn’t like it, now it seems that every other person I meet will at some point tell me that it’s one of the greatest books ever written. I think I might give it another go – perhaps I was just too young.

  2. I’ve read at at least twice – but it was also a long time ago. I hope I’d like it as much now after giving it such a glowing report!

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