Origins of Words & Phrases

When I was doing the research for my story of England’s last fatal duel, A Matter of Honour – a landmark book that made me world-famous in certain sections of Maple Avenue…



Focus on my eyes alone…buy…buy…buy…

…I also wrote about the history of duelling in general, and how people duelled with swords before the advent of the pistol. There was a lot of debate at the time as to which type of sword was better – particularly the stout English broadsword versus the fancy, flimsy French rapier. One thing I learned was that the English short sword was often used in conjunction with a type of shield called a ‘buckler’ – hence the term Swashbuckler.



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3 Responses to Origins of Words & Phrases

  1. chloefb says:

    And a very good and entertaining book it is too!

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