Following on from my recent posting about ‘alternate/alternative etc., it got me thinking about other Americanisms that have crept into UK English in recent times. I recently heard some English person on TV referring to his ‘pinky’, and ‘butt’ has all but replaced ‘bum’ and the naughty-but-nice ‘arse’. Here are a few more that come to mind:

Describing someone as being on the team instead of ‘in’ it

The old chestnut gotten crops up increasingly in the manuscripts I get to critique

As does alright

Using smart to mean clever rather than of tidy appearance

On TV shows we are frequently asked to give it up for someone. Give what up?!

We are also now often asked to give people a heads up

Younger folk might not even realise that not so long ago the ubiquitous guy was only heard in American films, and even then only referred to men. Brits were men, blokes, chaps and various other things, but not guys!

Two of my personal pet hate Americanisms:

1. Asking someone if they have something, e.g. ‘Have you got the information?’ and the reply is ‘I don’t.’ I don’t got the information?

2. Any time soon. It’s no worse than any of the others – but for some reason it just irritates me!

Note to my innumerable American fans – this is purely a domestic dispute to do with importation, not a criticism of the words and phrase you use in the privacy of your own country!



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