Time’s Echo


I recently finished reading this really good timeslip novel. I’m fascinated by the past, would love to travel back in time, and so it goes without saying that I have a thing about timeslip/time travel stories, fictional or otherwise (anyone know the story about the two ladies of Versailles?) I might be wrong but I think this novel came to my attention via the Kindle Daily Deals e-mails that keep popping into my inbox. However I heard about it, it sounded as if it was up my street and I wasn’t disappointed.

It’s built around one of those two-pronged plots that are so fashionable at the moment – one part of the story set in the past and the other set in the present – and you just know they are going to be somehow linked. It sounds easy when you say it fast, but a lot of skilful planning and plotting (not to mention writing!) must have gone into Time’s Echo. The two strands are blended together slowly, but surely and adeptly, and the historical scenes (set in sixteenth century York) are very atmospheric and authentic-feeling. Some elements of the plot seemed a little implausible, but then it is fiction after all. If it’s good – as this is – just go with it, enjoy it and don’t worry too much about the detail!

As I put in my Amazon review, it’s the kind of book I would have liked to have been able to have read in one go on a rainy day, curled up with a cuppa or five to keep me going!




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