The reason there was a hiatus in my blogging until recently was that I lost my father a few weeks ago and it kind of knocked me out of my stride – not to mention that there was an awful lot to deal with from a practical point of view.

I wasn’t going to trouble my legions of followers with this, but for a recent development that I thought might be of interest.

When we were clearing my dad’s bungalow out, my sister unearthed an old envelope among some photos and other stuff. Inside was a typed letter which turned out to be references given to my dad when he was leaving the net making company he worked for (We are a Nottingham family and the city used to be famed for its net and lace). I didn’t know he worked for this particular company, but apparently he worked there with his dad, my grandad, who was a highly skilled mechanic. It must have been one of his first jobs, and I can just imagine Grandad Joe showing his young son the ropes.

I had a dream a couple of days later, (well it was in the night, not the day, although I do dream during the day as well…) I was casually chatting to him, and I asked him why he left Radford Net. He just said, ‘Oh, they were closing down.’ That’s all – nothing profound. No revelations about the Meaning of Life. But, it was one of those dreams that you can’t shake off when you wake up – they feel somehow real and significant, not airy fairy and immediately forgotten the way most dreams do. I knew I needed to find out whether Radford Net really did close down at that time.

I tried googling the company name, but zillions of hits came up and I knew I wouldn’t have time to go through all of them. I tried different ways of narrowing it down, but none seemed to work. I contacted a local history group, and I went to the local studies department of the main library, but without success.

Then, this morning, I was idly surfing the net over a cuppa while I waited for my brain to get into gear for the day, and I decided to give it one last shot. I’m pretty sure I typed in the same search terms I’d used before – but this time an entry quite high up on the list jumped out at me. My dad’s reference letter was  written in 1959. I came across this PDF of a page from from the London Gazette:


At an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Members of The Radford Net Company Limited held at 4 Middle Pavement in the city of Nottingham on 3rd February 1959 the following Resolution was passed as a Special Resolution:

” That the Company be wound up voluntarily, and that Mr. Charles Ernest Turton, Chartered Accountant of 4 Middle Pavement, in the city of Nottingham, be and he is hereby appointed Liquidator for the purpose of such winding-up.”
(311) P. Gerry, Chairman.

As you can see, it was dated 1959.

Of course, it could be a coincidence. But I know how the dream felt, and I know what I think.

Richard Edward Beardsley1928-2013

Richard Edward Beardsley


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2 Responses to Closure

  1. chloefb says:

    That’s great to have that little piece of history and to use your research skills to continue to connect with your dad like that 🙂 Is that photo the two of you together?

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